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21 July 2006 @ 08:29 am
[Closed Log] Kan, Tenten. The Park.  
Characters: Kankuro, Tenten
When: Tuesday early evenin'
Where: ...The Park~
Summary: Kan finds out what happened with Itachi (although he never heard rumors anyway XD) and they chase geese.
Warnings: Fluff attack. Mistreatment towards Uchiha Ducks and Geese. X3

As promised -- Kankuro was intending to kidnap Tenten away for the evening. He needed to spend some time with the friend of his whom he hadn't had the opportunity to spend time with lately. He took long, almost clumsy looking strides downt he hall of the girls dormitory. He didn't bother putting on his makeup and hat -- god forbid he dress normally once in awhile. And comfortably for that matter. He moved his hands out of his own pockets, lifting one up and tapping it on the door. Even though he was a kidnapper, he intended to be a remotely polite one.

It had been relatively peaceful since Tayuya left. Even Juggerjack seemed to be occupied with one of the chewtoys she had given him. Since she left, Tenten had taken the time to catch up on one of the reading assignments that Kakashi had given the class. She stopped when someone knocked on her door, and placed the book she was reading on her desk before getting out of her seat to answer the door.

She openned the door with no hesitation and smiled when she saw Kankuro. "Kankuro! Hey. What's up?" she wondered curiously.

Kankuro smiled to her. "As promised, I'm kidnapping you!" he said it, the grin on his face was childish. In comparison to him, she was small. So reaching down, tugging her into a hug and lifting her off the ground just a bit was easy for him. He set her down gently. "It has been awhile, Tenten-chan!"

Tenten giggled softly, placing her arms around him at the friendly gesture. "Well, for a kidnapper you certainly are being friendly. And you even came without your makeup and hat, I'm surprised. Okay, I guess I have no choice but to obey my kidnapper for now," she said while completely forgetting about everything she had been doing previously. It was a better way to get over the things that had happened to her recently anyway.

Kankuro made an amused noise and straightened himself up. "Of course. Most people dont' know my face, so they can't track me to the kidnapper now," he teased on the matter. "And of course I'm friendly." He tugged her a little bit out of the room, in the most gentle motion he could do at the moment.

As she was pulled through the door, she made sure to pull the door shut. Tenten smiled all the while as she was pulled through the hall, "So, where are we going?"

Kankuro seemed to think for a moment. "The lake." He thought it sounded like fun. Plus there were ducks to chase and things. Now that sounded fun. "Its right in the park, Tenten-chan, but I think you already know that."

Tenten hadn't been expecting the lake, but what a great day to go. The whether was perfect, so she nodded before responding, "Yeah, sounds great. Haven't taken a walk through there in a while."

"Lots of ducks and shit to chase," Kankuro mused, his tone was light and happy. Ducks sounded like fun to chase. Though he hoped she wasn't one of the many who feared the geese. Kankuro knew those thngs were evil somehow, but that made them all the more fun to chase.

Tenten continued following at his pace, walking out into to the cool air as they left the school building. She watched him with a smile as he explained his intentions. "Duck chasing. I know there are those geese there, but I won't be scared of them, promise. So you won't even have to worry about that."

"Those geese are evil," he wrinkled his nose at the thought. Those geese were the types to hiss at you when you walked by. Kankuro would have to be sure to grab some rocks especially for them. "...I'm not worried. You're a tough girl, Tenten-chan. I know you can handle geese."

Tenten gripped his hand a bit when he said that, but softened her hold immediately. His words seemed a bit ironic, but she played it off. "Yeah, of course! They are the most fun to tease after all."

Kankuro smiled to her, his normal friendly smile. "...Of course," he said, almot seeming unsure. She looked okay to him, and after all, she seemed to trust him at least enough to tell him if something was seriously wrong. "Lots of fun to tease. They're like my version of me...you know, if I were Temari."

Tenten let out a loud laugh at his reply in order to relieve the small bit of tension she felt she had created, "Good thing your sister isn't here to hear that."

"Andn even if she were, she'd just find a dog to chase me down," Kankruo had a slightly annoyed look on his face at that thought. He was glad to hear her laugh, it made her seem...not so stressed out or upset about anything. "How are things for you, Tenten-chan?"

Considering she was a terrible liar she decided to just tell short bits of the truth instead, "Well, just a bit stressful with all those nasty rumors going around. But who cares about that, they aren't important. Things are good with you right? You seem a whole lot happier then usual."

"Of course, I'm with a friend," Kankuro amused. The environment had been keeping him a lot happier, too. It was nice to be around people he liked, and Tenten was one of them. "Rumors?" he asked. He was always out of the loop on those things. "Why would people spread nasty rumors about you?" Of course, he might have been a bit naive on the subject of Tenten.

"You know this school. If I frown just once, it means I've been attacked. Pfft. L-like I would let that happen to me," she noted a bit crossly. "People just like to have something to talk about. Apparently, I'm this week's news."

"...True," Kankuro mused a bit. No one got away with anything at this school. Somehow people knew everything. "Uchiha's the worst when it comes to rumors, too." Kankuro frowned at the thought. He never liked Itachi.

"Yeah...." Tenten's smile fell a bit, and she remained silent. She kept hold of his hand, noticing that they had came upon the park. The lake was off a bit towards the back, but it looked lovely from where she was walking. "Hey, look we're here," she offered softly.

Kankuro was more then willingn to be a friend right now, since she seemed a bit...worried about something. He hadn't heard any rumors, of course, so he couldn't get rid of that curiousity, but...he'd keep quiet. He had his manners. He peered around the park with a smile. "Yeah, it's nice here, isn't it?" he could already hear the geese.

"Wonderful," she said with a grin as she looked at all the ducks and geese that had claimed the area, "There are so many of them here. I think even more then last year."

Kankuro smirked as he released her hand and bent down to pick up a stick. He'd save it for any geese who decided to harass him or Tenten. "I think it is nice, too."

Tenten knelt down and began picking up a few rocks just in case. She stood back up, tossing one up and down in her hand as she began strolling forward. "This will be fun."

Kankuro laughed a bit. "You're a bit devious you know," he mused lightly. From him, that was a compliment. He liked to be around people who didn't mind terrorizing geese and things like that.

She stuck her tongue out at him playfully, "You don't know half of it." Tenten felt this would be a good way to relieve some stress. She was a good shot as it was, and she planned to use that to her advantage. It would make for a good laugh especially if she pretended the geese were a particular individual, "Ready?"

"Oh yeah!" Kankuro said rather loudly, brandishing his stick. Oh, he would be more then happy to throw that stick plus many rocks at ducks. "I bet you I don't know the half of it," he proceeded to throw the stick at a passing goose.

Tenten watched as the goose raised it's wings in anger. It squaked a bit before she shot a pebble at it's right wing. She knew this behavior wasn't one that was approved of, but no one was passing by to tell them not to. She noticed a duck trying to waddle away quickly, but she took that chance to start going after it. "Come here you little Uchiha," she muttered under her breath.

Kankuro laughed. Did he just hear the word 'Uchiha' muttered. He ignored it. He laughed a bit and scooped up some rocks and moved to chase down a geese. Yes, that'd be fun.

Had Tenten reached out a bit more, she probably could have ripped it's tail feather, but she missed her target and stumbled on to her knees near the water where the duck had made it's escape too. "I'm not letting you get away that easy you criminal," she said before heaving a stone at it to disturb it's peace. "There you deserve that, huh?" she said before getting back to her feet to dust her capris off and to join up with Kankuro to upset the rest of the animals there.

Something was definitely up the way she tormented that one geese. He smiled to her, moving to find a group of ducks. He would take off after them in a moment, but he had to know at least something. "Who was that geese?" he asked with a pleasat smile.

Tenten wasn't being careful, and she found the name beginning to slip off her tongue, "Ita--, n-no one. It was just being snappy, so I decided to pay it extra attention."

"...Itachi?" That explained the Uchiha bit. "See, t his is what happens when I fall out of the loop!" Kankuro pouted for a moment, moving to chuck a few rocks at the ducks for a moment. They scattered, sqwacking.

Tenten stomped her foot at the name, and quickly tossed a rock, knocking a duck right in the head. "I-I...hmph...I have the biggest mouth in the world."

"What'd Itachi do?" Kankuro asked quirking his head to the side, when he spotted the duck running after getting hit. "I mean ya don't have to tell me if you don't want to." But if he hurt Tenten, he'd be sure to let Itachi know.

"Well, he didn't attack me," she said while falling back on the ridiculous rumor. She sighed in defeat. She trusted him, and she didn't want him to worry, so she figured she might as well fess up. "He, sort of forced himself on me...I'm mad though. More at myself..."

Kankuro's eyebrow twitched. He was glad all those years with his father allowed him to keep his cool to an extent. Though he was immensely pissed off at the thought of Itachi doing... "...Not your fault."

She turned away from him for a moment, facing the lake. She flicked one of the smoother stones she had picked up in the direction of a flock that had gathered around the middle of it. "Yeah, it is. I could have punched him, but all I did was let him."

"...Doesn't make it your fault," Kankuro said, his voice a little huffy from that. He watched the geese scatter from the lake. They didn't like rocks being pelted at them quite clearly.

She let out a frustrated sigh, "Maybe...I don't know. I think the fact he kissed me is what bothers me the most. Nothing I can do about it now," she said with a shake of her head.

Kankuro thought about it for a moment. He definitely agreed with that nothing could be done about it now. "...Makes sense." Kankuro said, but that didn't mean he had to just like...let Itachi get away with it.

Tenten brought a palm to her face, feeling completely terrible for having ruined the moment with her petty problems. "Ah, sorry Kankuro...I didn't mean to bring all of this up..."

"Eh, I don't mind," Kankuro said with a shrug. He kneeled down to the ground and eventually jsut sat down in the grass. He honestly didn't' care. "I'm a friend, remember?"

Tenten came a bit closer and took a seat beside him, "I know, and you're a really great friend at that. It was nice coming out here with you," she said while hugging her knees in. "Thanks for listening."

Kankuro s miled to her. "It was nice. Time away can help, ya know?" Kankuro offered her. At least he hoped time away had helped her clear her mind a little bit since it seemed to be filled with other things. "...No problem, Tenten."

Tenten grinned before burying her head in her arms not wishing to draf the subject down any further. She lifted her eyes so that they peered over her arms. "You know, I think we scared away most of the geese."

"Yeah, I think after you knocked that duck on the head they sort of started scattering," Kankuro said, he snorted in amusement in addition to it thought. Once again, Tenten's superior aim defeated something -- though he was particularly glad it was the geese.

"I hope I didn't hurt it to bad," she said with a chuckle, "I didn't want to knock the thing senseless. I was just angry."

Kankuro laughed a little bit. "...Nah, its a duck, they don't know any better." He shrugged a bit and closed his eyes as he turned his head towards her. "...Hey, you had a reason to be."

"Good," she said as her gaze settled on his. "I suppose so. Now if only I had gotten angry when it counted most and maybe I wouldn't have been in this mess," she answered thoughtfully.

"You're not in a mess," Kankuro said rather bluntly. "Listen, Tenten. Ya know what? You know it happened, and...well, if you don't let it happen again, its not a mess." It sounded easy to him at least.

Tenten nodded. It was foolish for her to let it get to her like it had. "You're absolutely right, Kankuro. I guess I just needed to get that out of my system."

"Heh, I don't mind, I think ya just need to know that...you have control next time," Kankuro nodded a bit reassuringly. H e liked it when he successfully made someone...look at it differently.

Tenten looked up at the sky as she let it all settle in. "I just hope it doesn't happen again, but if it does I'll be better prepared. I won't let it happen again, but...Kankuro...I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but don't tell anyone about what happened. More of a ruckus just wouldn't help solve anything at all."

"I won't," Kankuro smiled. "Though I might tell people you managed to nail a duck on the head with a rock." He laughed softly, hoping to at least lighten the mood a bit.

"There's nothing to it," she managed after a short laugh. "Just a little concentration and you could probably do the same."

Kankuro laughed a bit. "Concentration isn't my thing. Though to hit a duck like that I might work on it." It was funny enough to see at least.

"Ha, we can work on it. And then we'll be an unstoppable force against this flock," Tenten replied with a grin.

"Partners in crime fighting the evil flock of geese and duck," Kankuro laughed a bit at the flock. "Yeah, I'll definitely work on it now."

"That's the spirit!" Tenten boldly stated. It felt nice feeling more like herself. She'd have to find a way to make this up to her kidnapper sooner or later. She wouldn't forget.

Kankuro reclined in the grass. "Ah, it is nice out here, maybe I'll sleep out here..." he wondered on that thought. It could be nice to do that, but he wouldn't if Tenten wanted him to walk her back.

Tenten looked down at him curiously, "Do you really want to?"

"I dunno. It feels nice. Maybe it'd be good just to come out here one day and draw." Kankuro shrugged a bit.

"I won't stop you if you want to. It is lovely out here after all. And it is the perfect place to draw. I should come out here more often," she said while closing her eyes briefly.

Kankuro smiled a bit and nodded. "Yeah...I think you should. You're the talented artist." He laughed. "I'll walk you back if you want me to. I don't want that creep to come near ya. Maybe he'll at least keep a few feet away with me here."

Tenten blushed faintly at the compliment, "You're always so nice to me." She nodded, appreciating the offer, "That's probably a good idea. I don't exactly want to face him now if I can help it." Sooner or later, just to settle things, but right now is too soon.

Kankuro wasn't nice to many people...maybe that was why it threw Tenten off. "I try to be. You earned it." He nodded and moved to stand up, offering her his hand, though he probably could just lift her if he so wanted. "...I thought so."

Tenten reached for his hand, using it to help her up off the ground. When she was standing she brushed herself off and then looped her arm through his. "So I've earned it. What exactly did I do?" she asked curiously as she began walking forward.

Kankuro stepped forward, putting his hands to his sides. He thought on it a moment. "...Well let's see. You're one of those nice accepting types, Tenten. Like, don't say that I wear make-up is 'gay' or that, ya know, I should take off my hat and burn it."

"That's silly. You look nice without the hat or makeup, but they make you unique. I like it," she said while turning her head to look at him. "I don't think I have the right to tell you what to like or not to like anyway."

Kankuro laughed a bit and nodded to Tenten. Lucky for him, he wasn't a person who would blush or he might have. "Nah, you're one of the good ones, Tenten." He smiled and nodded towards her. So he looked nice? He was glad.

Tenten beamed at his answer, "Good. I don't want to change that." She found it funny how he had changed her mood so quickly It was definitely what she needed.

Kankuro laughed a bit. He, of course, was naive on the subject of Tenten. He didn't see any bad in her. She was always so nice to him, so he had no reason to believe any less. "...I don't think you can."

"Maybe," Tenten muttered before sighing peacefully, enjoying the remainder of the walk back to campus. There were moments where she wished she could just turn around and go back to where they had just been. Returning to school seemed almost wrong, but there was no use fighting it. Things would be alright with Kankuro, so she wasn't all too worried.

Kankuro moved to grip onto Tenten's hand for a moment. The movement wasn't meant to be more than reassuring. Based on what had happened at school, it was no wonder to him that she was uncomfortable there. He wouldn't let Itachi approach her on the walk back though. "You definitely can't. You're the nice girl on campus, Tenten."

"Ha, I didn't know I was given that title after all these years. I'm surprised Tayuya can even tolerate me," she mused to herself as she suddenly felt Kankuro's hand in hers. She made sure not to say anything about the comforting gesture, so that it didn't make him feel awkward.

Kankuro shrugged. "I think it should be. I've never heard of you being mean to anyone." He smiled gently and friendily. He thought for a few moments. He didn't seem to feel awkward just grabbing her hand like that, and maybe she did. She didn't seem to though...

Tenten chuckled. "Only to those who deserve it, which doesn't happen often. Temari thinks I'm too soft because of that." She caught a glance of him from the corner of her eye and noticed a slightly nervous look. She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze hoping that it would comfort any of his doubts.

"Compared to Temari most people are too soft," Kankuro shrugged. Temari could be really nasty sometimes, though, so that made sense in his mind. Also, when she squeezed his hand it caused his mind to rest.

Rounding the corridor to the girls dorms, Tenten began laughing. "I couldn't agree with you more," she said while searching her pocket for her room key with her free hand. She was a bit disappointed that their fun was coming to an end, but she didn't let it show as she approached her door.

She kept her hand in his for a moment longer, turning to face him with a smile. "Thanks for everything Kankuro. You're the best...only...kidnapper I've ever met," she corrected herself. "I had a great time. We should do this again soon."

"Damn right I'm the only one." Kankuro knew he was the only kidnapper, and he planned on remaining Tenten's kidnapper. It was a shame their fun had to come to such an end. "We will," he said, he released her hand and gently hugged her. "Tsh, don't tell people I'm this nice." He laughed and winked. "Might give them a misconception." He smirked a little.

"Don't worry, I won't ruin your reputation," Tenten said as he hugged her. She considered something else, but let the thought slip her mind as she was released. Maybe next time. "We'll just keep it between us," she muttered as she opened her door and stepped in a bit."I'll see you tomorrow. Keep out of trouble until then." Giving him a short wave, she closed the door behind her. At least now she could sleep a little easier...

Kankuro smiled and waved to her as he stepped away. Yes, till later. "Of course," he said as he moved away. He'd make efforts to see her again. After all, she was one of his few friends.
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