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20 July 2006 @ 08:53 pm
[Closed Log] Itachi and Deidara. Itachi's room.  
Characters involved: Itachi and Deidara
Venue: Itachi's room
Short summary: Itachi gets high and makes a move on Deidara.

Itachi was leaning back on his beanbag chair, as he lit his blunt up, he'd found himself smoking more weed than usual to calm his nerves as of late, but today his company was his old pal Deidara, taking his first he passed it on to Dei, "You seem to be in a good mood."

Deidara eyed the joint and pressed it between his lips, leaving pink spots on it after retracting it and holding the drug in his lungs. After as long as his lungs could hold, which was a fair amount of time considering they had become used to the toxins he played with for his art. "I am in a good mood, yeah. Nice day. Burned myself this morning though," his gaze averted to his left hand as he passed the joint back, a wretched mark glowing brightly, still rather fresh.

After taking another, Itachi grabbed his hand and rubbed it softly, "You poor thing, you shouldn't be so careless," he smiled as he kissed his hand, "Is that better?"

Deidara went rigid and snatched his hand back, a glare curling his features and fixing itself on the Uchiha. "You sure don't take much to get high, yeah." he snorted, pulling down the sleeve of his black sweater over his hand, "It's fine, yeah."

"Well this American weed is strong stuff," he replied, "I believe it's called Purple Haze." Looking into Dei's eyes he asked, "Why are you giving me a hard time, would you prefer it if I were a asshole like Sasori?"

He glared and leaned back into the chair, raising one of his painted nails between his teeth and biting off a layer. "Danna's not an asshole, yeah," he replied quietly, finding Itachi's stare at the eye hidden behind his hair uncomforting, "And I'm not doing anything." Unconciously he shrugged his sweater down a little more, the drug making him a little fidgety.

"So I guess you hate me too then, huh?"

Deidara hated when people asked him questions like that. He didn't hate anyone really, in fact nearly everyone he was indifferent about. He cared about Sasori more than anyone, and that wans't romantically, but Itachi, he didn't hate Itachi. "No, yeah." he replied, not even catching the paradox of his reply.

Sighing his reply, Itachi carressed Deidara's face, "Then what's the problem?"

The blonde's visible eye hardened, "Why do you want to touch me so bad, yeah? You were straight yesterday!"

"I'm Bi," Itachi snarked

Deidara went red and leaned away from the offending hand, "Why do you want to touch me so bad, yeah?" he repeated. He wasn't high enough to tolerate this.

"Because," Itachi smiled, "You entice me."

Deidara's visible eye went wide and his mouth dropped. The last time anyone had ever said something like that to him, it had been a drunk straight guy and Deidara had been in a skirt. This situation was horribly different, and the only reaction he could come up with was "...what? "

"Just indulge me this once." He asked politely, "If you don't want to....you're free to leave."

"Indulge you...?" Deidara asked, cluelessly. Surely he didn't mean...Of course not. This was Uchiha Itachi. Uchiha Itachi who was his friend, barely, and Uchiha Itachi who he did drugs with when he wasn't destroying anything. He was rooted to the spot, bottom out of his stomache, just waiting to see what the other would do.

Itachi slowly unbuttoned Deidara's shirt, tracing his finger down Dei's chest and stomach, "I suppose I'm making you uncomfortable."

Deidara's breath hitched as Itachi's finger came into contact with the barble in his naval and his eyes, even the one blinded, were as wide as dinner plates. Of course he was uncomfortable. It was obvious in how his lower legs were shaking. "...yeah."

Itachi just layed on Deidara's stomach, "I'm sorry.....I'm just really vunerable right now," he sighed stroking Dei's abs, "I don't mean to scare you."

His words tightened in his throat and his entire body literally cringed at the touches. He couldn't say anything, but watched, almost incredulously as Itachi dared to touch him.

Itachi just backed off, hanging his head in shame he saw how he was effecting Deidara, "I'll leave you be....please don't be mad."

Deidara stared into the other's eyes, taken aback by the sudden change of pace. He didn't stay anything, but he willed his legs to stop shaking and his glare softened, if only for a second.

"So what now?"

Deidara touched the barble in his bellybutton gingerly before buttoning his shirt up again, looking away, breathing in the scent of the drug and suddenly craving it. "More, yeah."

Turning, Itachi took a deep inhale, and blew it into Deidara's mouth

The blonde blinked in surprise, his eyes watering a little but inhaling as much as he could into his lungs. After a minute he exhaled, giving Itachi a look. "What the hell was that, yeah?"

"You've never heard of a shotgun before," the other asked, a little surprised.

Deidara shook his head, blinking the tears from the corner of his eyes out and coughing a little. "The what, yeah?"

Handing Dei the blunt, he replied, "You try it."

He took at it, and gave the other a look. "I just blow it, right? Into your mouth?"


He pressed the blunt between his lips and filled his mouth with smoke, leaning towards the other and parting his lips, rejecting the smoke and feeling his chest tighten in annoyance.

Itachi coughed a bit and leaned back signaling for Deidara to come closer.

Almost innocently Dei leaned closer, trying his best to mimic Itachi and not make himself look like a fool, and not really wondering why he was moving away.

Itachi grabbed the blonde's waist, and pulled the blonde close, slowly undoing his buttons again.

Deidara's face heated up, struggling slightly in Itachi's grasp as his shirt was opened again. "What are you doing, yeah?" he demanded.

"I want to feel that beautiful body of yours...." he replied as he lightly kissed his stomach,

"I-itachi!" Deidara squeaked, shivering as the other touched him and feeling nausea hit him in a wave, brushing away as quickly as it had appeared.

"You didn't like it," he asked playing with the barbell in his navel.

Deidara gasped quietly, the sensitive piercing not really hurting him, but making him shiver. "...un," he mumbled quietly, the noise not one of denial, but not of acceptance either.

Itachi started licking Deidara's chest again, wishing he would at least squirm. "You've been working out this summer huh?"

His back arched a little and his body went through fits of freezing and then squirming in annoyance. "Let go, yeah..." he replied quietly, biting down on his bottom lip.

Itachi let the boy go, "Guess I over did it."

Deidara flushed angrily, standing up and grabbing his shirt, glaring at the other and heading for the door.

"You gonna tell Sasori?"

Deidara glanced back at the door, staring at Itachi for a second and swallowing whatever bile had risen to the top of his throat in self-disgust. "Maybe, yeah."

Grinning back he simply said, "Good."

Deidara's features tightened in disgust and he walked out, slamming the door behind him will all the force he could and replacing his shirt angrily. He always fucked himself over like this.
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Orochimaru: Oro - Melty Face Scare Tacticacharmingdeceit on July 21st, 2006 02:10 am (UTC)
If Dei tells Sasori, sasori might let Itachi have it. XD
art_in_denial on July 21st, 2006 02:23 am (UTC)
Yup, I figure Dei won't tell him for awhile >.>;
Akasun Sasori: Puppetdramatic_puppet on July 21st, 2006 02:28 pm (UTC)
*pets Deidei* :O When he does Itachi will get seriously maimed. ^_^