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21 July 2006 @ 05:07 pm
[ Class Log ] Music History - 01  
Open to all students.
Venue: Music History Classroom.
Warnings: None, yet?


One of the younger members of the faculty, many found themselves surprised at just how professional and mature one Yakushi Kabuto could be. He carried an air of academia as he entered his classroom, eyes crinkled in cheer at his students, as e dropped a stack of papers on his desk and headed for the students at their desks. A sleek CD player rest in the corner of his room; which he had instructed the substitute to play during class, but had not turned on himself just yet.

"Hello, everyone!" he chimed, walking to the first row. "I trust you all finished your summer studies on the Baroque Period during my absence? This will count as your first three official grades, though what you did while the substitute may be used as extra credit." Moving to collect the papers -- whether the students did or did not do them -- he made his way through the class with ease and continued to speak.

"Truth be told, the Baroque period was not my favorite, which is why I have to apologize for the picky selection I made on the CD." He gave a sheepish grin, "But then, that's my opinion. One's taste in music can range from as small as one genre, style and time period, to an immense amount of sound. Something like the selections on your iPods," his eyes scanned the room, for any. While he usually permitted them while they were doing work, it was not unti after he was done speaking that he'd allow the students to turn on their music.

Once he finished, Kabuto set the stack of papers atop his desk, capping his hands together and rubbing them somewhat. "In light of that, I'd like to bring up a much more fun assignment than the boring hand-outs I've been havng you all do while I was away." He turned, a glint in his eyes, as he pulled his generic map of the world to uncover the whiteboard.

The REAL Heart of Rock n' Roll?

Corny. Dorky. Cheesy. But Kabuto thought it was sheer brilliance as far as giving the students something fun to do. "Get out your pens and papers, ladies and gentlemen! Your assignment is to discuss the artist or group that you thought gave or is giving the biggest impact on our modern music, through Rock."

Sitting halfway on the edge of his desk, Kabuto flicked on the CD player and crossed his arms, pushing his glasses up with two fingers. "Once you're finished, we're going to discuss, debate, and slander the hell out of eachothers opinions." He smiled, ad Heart of Rock n' Roll by Huey Lewis and the News began to play.

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Ino Yamanaka: //cheerful-diva - Schoolwork? No thanks.cheerful_diva on July 22nd, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
Rock music. Of all the genres, it had to be rock - something that Ino knew very little about. In all honesty, she'd never really given the genre a chance, classifying it as "Mostly dirty old men living vicariously through their grungy, sweaty teenaged fans as they sing about who-the-hell-cares what," instead of actually taking the time to listen to really anything that had been produced from their scene.

Still, she realized, her grades were heavily relying on her actually participating in the class. Sighing inwardly, Ino dug into her purse for a pencil and stared at her blank page. Bringing her hand to the paper, Ino made a vague attempt to remember things from when she was a child, and her father would recall his past as a young man to her: the bands that he adored so greatly, and the disputes he had engaged in regarding fan's differing opinions. Her memories surfaced few names: Elvis, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones; and with that revelation, she began to motion the pencil across her paper, writing about those three particular artists.

Once she'd finished writing, she set her pencil down and glanced around the room. Everyone's still working! she thought, feeling slightly irked as she glanced over to Kabuto-sensei. Not wanting to give him the wrong impression of her, she flashed a quick smile before picking up her pencil once more. Electing to write about some of the artists from the present-day, she struggled to bullshit her way through a second part of her essay, being able to only bring herself to name a few of the more incredibly well known artists: Metallica, Queen and Green Day. The assignment, for her, was a bit daunting, as she knew little, to nothing, about the assignment, and she knew she was going to get torn to bits during the debate-session in the class.

It was then, she determined, that if she wanted to do well in the class, she would have to open her mind to more varied types of music. Ugh. Doing well in school was so hard.
Hinata Hyuuga: Dancingquiet_doll on July 22nd, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
Blinking rapidly at the blackboard, Hinata found herself wracking her brain for a good answer. There were so many influential musicians out there, that picking just one was torture. Still, as she chewed thoughtfully on the end of her pen. After much contemplation, she decided to write about the role that Janis Joplin played on women in the rock genre.

There was no denying Joplin's power to take what was formerly a male dominated profession and make it wholly her own, and as an aspiring female musician herself Hinata looked to Janis Joplin as one of her personal heroes. She opened the door for such greats as Joan Jett, Tori Amos, Debbie Harry, and Shirley Manson - confident women who were not above using their sexuality to get ahead in life. Even Gwen Stefani, for all her pop-tart sounds, was a proud daughter of the school of Janis.

As she wrote, knowing full well that her opinions would soon be ripped apart with a professional air, Hinata couldn't help but mention how if one looked back over the Seventies, Janis Joplin's name stood out just as much as Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.

She almost felt a surge of pride as she looked over her completed paper, hoping that others understood her points.
artsy_asshole on July 23rd, 2006 07:17 am (UTC)
I see....

I see....

I don't get it. Sai whispered to himself, as he began to doodle on the side of his looseleaf paper. Yakushi-sensei sure was strict to give such a terrible class assignment, it was hugely biased as not all the students in the class were familiar with the genre of rock.

Sai wanted to raise his hand and tell the teacher off for picking such a STUPID topic but he refrained, and began to jot down complete garbage that had slight relevance to the topic, but sounded smart and would probably score him some part marks.

"Damn Music class and its stupid topics..." Sai mumbled blowing his long bangs out of his eyes. This is one class I definently won't miss...
art_in_denial on July 23rd, 2006 05:05 pm (UTC)
Deidara shrugged to himself. His tastes were more towards industrial, techno, trance, and rave music, things he could dance to, but he took out a ballpoint pen and a blank sheet of paper and stared at it for a minute. He knew rock, such wasn't the problem, but what a general question, designed to stretch the brain in it's simple complexity.

'Discuss a particular artist, yeah...?' he racked his brains. 'Oh, I know!'

For awhile, back in the fifties, all things music were dying a slow, akward, and painful death. Sun Studios picked up a contract with a little man from East Tupelo, Mississippi, in the United States. This man's name was Elvis Presley...