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23 July 2006 @ 02:48 pm
[Closed Log] For Students and Faculty.  
Characters Involved: Students and Teachers
Venue: Beach. Notes.
Summary: Students are being assigned partners. Once on the beach, your assigned teacher will hand you your assignment. You are to complete it before engaging in any other activities, and hand the completed assignment to your designated teacher.

Neji and Sasuke
Deidara and Sasori

Itachi and Tenten
Kiba and Shino

Gaara and Kankuro
Naruto and Hinata

Tayuya and Sai
Temari and Shikamaru

Kin and Ino

Our extra teachers will be stationed along the beach if students have questions during the length of the assignment. Once all teachers get the assignments back from the students. Students are allowed to then go around the board walk until the end of the day.

[[Sorry that this didn't get posted sooner. There was a problem with us not having an even number of students until this morning, so a lot of the original partners had to change. If people are bothered by the list somehow, just post a comment and I'll try and change it before I get the real action thread started.]]
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