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05 August 2006 @ 09:47 pm
[Lightning is My Girl] [Incomplete] [Tayuya and Kin]  
Characters: Yokobue Tayuya and Tsuchi Kin.
Venue: Girls' Dorm - Rooftop
Rating: PG-13 for language and possible--well. We'll see, huh? >> I TAKE IT BACK IT LOOKS LIKE AN R.
Summary: Tayuya and Kin .. uh.. hang out?

Cigarettes. Hardly as disguting as cigars, though they held no candle to a good drink. Tayuya made it a point to buy a pack every month; Lucky Sevens. She was never one for high-class cigarettes, but trashy shit never grabbed her attention either. A good medium worked well enough.

Taking a gentle drag, she pulled the stick from her damp lips, legs dangling over the side of the rooftop. It was late and the guards were more than likely out, but Tayuya knew their schedule pretty well, and they weren't due on the roof or around the girl's dorms anytime soon. That, and the guards really didn't do much but give you a detention and send you back to your room. Tayuya wasn't much bothered by it; the people in detention knew her so well that they could name where her birthmark was.

She gave a slight grimace, the night humid and warm. She had hot nights, and despite how high up she was, the wind barely blew enough to keep her from shedding her jacket. Dropping it back onto the roof, she sat in a pair of baggy pants and a slim tank, taking another drag from her cigarette.

Shit. It was so boring there.

[ ooc: ugh. My writing sucks today. D: ]
Kin Tsuchi  ||  Kinnykinny_bell on August 6th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
[Does not. <3]

Kin was bored. Plain and simple. She had even set out, to getting into some of the local bars in town. Nothing was too appealing. At one point an entire group of drunken females had surrounded her, petting, purring - girly. Not a turn on in the least. The only way she could tolerate anything girly is if it came from a man.

Deciding that the bars, were a bad idea she walked back to the dorms. The air was hot and had caused her to sling her thin jacket over her shoulder. When she neared the dorms she sniffed at the air and smirked. Tayuya is out.

Quickly, but quietly she made her way to the roof. Her boots made a barely audible squeaking noise as she went up the stairs, the gentle clanking of the chains on her pants didn't help matters when she was trying to be quiet. Growling a little to herself she stopped and unhooked everything, tucking it away on the stairs where no one would find them.

Without a word, Kin sat down beside the smoking girl and held a hand out for the smoke.
Yokobue Tayuyafist_n_flute on August 6th, 2006 03:22 am (UTC)
A thin brow quirked at Kin's gesture, Tayuya barely moving to fufill the girl's wish. With a grin, she simply looked forward. "What?"

It was a known fact that Tayuya was not a nice, nor a very giving person. Actually, the girl was rather stingy and if not that, she simply liked playing with people's heads. This time around, it was definitely the latter. Pushing Kin's buttons was one of Tayuya's favorite pasttimes, because not even she could predict what would happen.

It was one reason her interest in Kin was kept so fresh; everyone else would either snap too early or try to outwit Tayuya, but Kin always did something different.

Flicking ashes from her igarette, she watched with mild interest as the ashes descended and disappeared.
Kin Tsuchi  ||  Kinnykinny_bell on August 6th, 2006 03:33 am (UTC)
As expected, Tayuya was going to be difficult. Kin looked at her for a long moment before shaking her head and snorted, her feet beginning to swing back and forth over the edge. "Bitch. I take it you're fuckin' bored too." She stated, rather than asked while tossing her jacket over beside her. The dark, mossy green tank-top now stuck to her even more than it was supposed to in the heat.

With a half annoyed growl she reached down to the hem of the tank and pulled it over her head, letting it join her jacket. "Either give me a drag or be goddamn nice for once and give me one." The girl said, adjusting the black bra that remained on.
Yokobue Tayuyafist_n_flute on August 6th, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
"Tryin' to entertain me?" Tayuya said, eyes barely moving to scan over the girl. Kin was attractive; Tayuya wouldn't doubt it. Why would she, anyway? Tayuya was terribly blunt. Gaara was fuckable, so was Kin, so were half of the other people in the school. Tayuya would openly admit that she didn't care which way she had to swing - as long as the person proved to be interesting and not a complete dumbfuck moron, Tayuya would usually stick around for a while.

She leaned forward somewhat, cigarette held loosely between selnder fingers, before she held it out over the edge--fingers lazily directed toward the fogged moonlight. "Gonna have to take this shit from me."
Kin Tsuchi  ||  Kinnykinny_bell on August 6th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)
"Please." Kin snerked in reply, "Its just too damn hot." At the moment she was even debating losing her pants for the mere freedom of it. Glancing back, she looked Tayuya over. Made a little comparison with her and the tramps at the bar, coming to the conclusion that if she was going to sleep with anyone; Tayuya would be the only one she'd consider. Tayuya was the perfect mixture of male and female. Best of both worlds.

Swinging her leg behind her on the edge she scooted over, closer to the other girl. So close that she was practically wrapped around her. Her leg that still hung over the edge, swung back and forth kicking at Tayuyas foot.

Kin grinned a little and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to the side of Tayuyas neck, biting at the skin just below her ear. Reaching over she took the cigarette from her and leaned back, taking a long drag before handing it back over. "Thanks."
Yokobue Tayuya: Smirk.fist_n_flute on August 6th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
Well. She did have a giant penis, after all.

Still, Tayuya kept her hand held in the same position, letting Kin slip the cigarette back in. Her eyes were closed, taking in the aftermath of Kin's ministrations to her neck, though they slowly opened when she felt the heat f her cigarette upon her fingers. Tossing the stick forward, she let it burn into ashes as it fell three stories down for the ground.

"The fuck're you doin' out here, anyway?" she asked, leaning back and rolling her shoulders. Her chin tilted up just slightly, dark eyes resting upon Kin's form. "Slut Clubs not enough for the night?"
Kin Tsuchi  ||  Kinnykinny_bell on August 6th, 2006 05:26 am (UTC)
Not enough, was an understatement.

Kin had to hold back the urge to gag, from merely thinking about the other girls. Her eyes rolled, followed by a snort. "No one worth bringing back. I don't do the girly goddamn tramps." She replied simply, her hands reaching back to pull her long hair up, knotting it so it was off her back.

"You didn't have better shit to do? Just...sit on the roof and smoke?" Kin asked leaning forward to rest her chin on the other girls shoulder, "Or was I not around?"

Yokobue Tayuya: Single Coverfist_n_flute on August 6th, 2006 05:42 am (UTC)
"You're a freak," said Tayuya. Though she probably wouldn't do them either; lord knew what kind of diseases those bitches carried.

"Been bored off my ass," Said Tayuya, remaining still as Kin leaned upon her shoulder. She was used to displays of affection by then; her gang was all over her, though most of the time it was joking, and she and Kin had seemed to form a habit out of being just close enough to drive eachother insane at times.

Speaking of which.

"Just nothing to do around here. We been busy, but everytime I come back to this shithole, I end up with nothin' to do."

Aside from fighting with Sasori and making Gaara buy food for her. Of course, she really did -- in a terribly sadistic way -- enjoy their company. It gave her something to do, and they weren't just random twit-shits who would waste her time.

Stray fingers moed to play at the tips of Kin's hair. "So you wen't lookin' for a good fuck."
Kin Tsuchi  ||  Kinnykinny_bell on August 6th, 2006 05:49 am (UTC)
"Tell me something I don't know." Kin smirked and shook her head, lazily. "Nah. They just weren't doing it for me, you know? Easy is one thing. But all the drunken giggling shit. Spare me the headache." And then there were the diseases and what not.

Kins arms slipped to Tayuyas waist, dangling around her. "I have a cell you know. You could have fuckin' called me, to alleviate your boredom." Eh, she probably would have stalled. Took her time just to annoy the shit out of her, but she would have showed up eventually.

Pressing another kiss to her neck Kin nodded, "I did. But whatever."
Yokobue Tayuya: Let's Play.fist_n_flute on August 6th, 2006 06:18 am (UTC)
Tayuya's pierced bottom lip twitched, before she slowly grinned, shifting slightly to face Kin and finally fully acknowledge her. Not good to look a gift horse--or, rather, gift girl--in the mouth, really.

"I hate phones," she said, "Fuckers call me and keep me on that shit for hours. S'annoying. Why do you think mine's never fuckin' on?" Tayuya had long since let her phone run out of battery.

Leaning down, Tayuya moved at her own pace, fingers rolling gingerly down along Kin's side and to her hip; thumbing over the bone. Her lips just barely brushed against Kin's, as her voice took on a low, but feminine purr.

"Ain't sayin' you can't alleviate that boredom now, slut." With a light grin, she nipped at the girl's lips, her free hand running her nails lightly up along Kin's spine--toward the hook her bra.
Kin Tsuchi  ||  Kinnykinny_bell on August 6th, 2006 06:29 am (UTC)
Speaking of phones; the only reason Kin had one was for emergencies and - well, bootycalls. The girl smirked, offering a small huff of a laugh when Tayuya spoke of hating phones.

She felt the fingers trickle down her side, stopping at her hip but she didn't bother to glance down at them. Instead, she stared at her face, a half growl echoed in her throat at the barely-there kiss. Come on...

Slut. Kin tilted her head to the side, rolling the option around in her mind. Alleviate her boredom and get laid OR walk away just to tick her off and masturbate before bed. It didn't take long to come to a conclusion on that question. Obviously, she wanted to get laid.

Impatiently, she pushed forward a little, flicking her tongue over Tayuyas upper lip while her hands grabbed at the bottom of the other girls top. Pushing it up a ways she let her hands roam over her back, scratching down and pulling her a little closer.

Yokobue Tayuya: Spin Me Roundfist_n_flute on August 6th, 2006 03:35 pm (UTC)
Tayuya gave pause, sneering and jerking Kin forward as she moved away from the roof's edge. While Tayuya was daring, she wasn't quite willing to die due to falling while having sex on the edge of a roof. That was hardly a way to die beautifully, and as a yankee, she had a bit of a code to live by.

Even if that code consisted of beating people's faces in, stealing, mass fights, and raiding just about every public place known to man.

She shifted her weight, rolling to pin Kin to the ground by her shoulders. Dipping her head down, strands of red spilling over her shoulders, Tayuya bit down onto the dip at the base Kin's neck; her hips rolling forward against the girl. Tayuya was far from gentle; anyone who knew her knew that.

Coarse fingers gripped at Kin's hip, arching it up to Tayuya's liking as her hips continued grinding against Kin's. She raised her head, closing her lips upon the other girl's, her tongue forcing it's way through her lips in a rather lewd motion.

It was up to Kin to challenge her, and Tayuya knew the girl wouldn't disappoint.
Kin Tsuchi  ||  Kinnykinny_bell on August 6th, 2006 05:22 pm (UTC)
The change in position almost had Kin protesting. Sure there was the possibility that they could fall off and die, but they weren't stupid enough to do that.

Kin found herself grinning, this you couldn't get from bar tramps. The rough sexy stuff. The I'd rather make you fight me for it than either of us give in and just do it for the sake of getting off, stuff. And goddamit Tayuya was good at this. Pity they didn't do that often.

A slight gasping growl could be heard from her mouth as the other girl bit at her throat. Snaking up, a hand gripped at the back of Tayuyas hair yanking it back, rougher than most people would have liked, to lean forward and lick up her throat. The grinding against her hips was proving to be...not enough.

Without giving the other girl an option she pulled the tank over her head and threw it in a random direction (preferably not over the edge of the roof). Once discarded she let go of her hair and pushed her hands up the front of Tayuyas body.