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09 August 2006 @ 05:29 pm
[Closed Log] Naru x Sai o.o  
Characters: Uzumaki Naruto and Sai Aomori
Venue: Hall ways right before Curfew
Rating: PG for talk of sexuality o-o? and Sai saying Pen15
Summary: Naruto is sexually confused...who else is better to help but Sai o-o

Naruto was walking around the school. It was getting towards curfew and he'd get in trouble, but there was no way he could handle going back to his room and facing Sasuke again that night.

A part of Naruto knew he was irrational; that the latest dream with SAsuke had been even more farfetched and it was nothing like the real Sasuke. And that putting that image on his roommate wasn't fair.

The other part - the louder part - was loudly protesting he was not gay and that he was not freaking out and that Sasuke really was a jerk.

"GAH!" Naruto stopped his ranting for a moment and stopped to pull at his hair. "I NEED TO STOP THIS! What is wrong with me! THIS IS STUPID!!!"

Sai was on his way to his dorm already, he had already been caught past curfew various times in the past and didn't want to make it a trend.As he jogged to his dorm he noticed the blond boy walking around the campus.

He glanced at him, it was obvious he was deep in though but what he was thinking about was oblivious to the black haired boy.

Before he could think any further, the boy began randomly shouting in the hallways.

Sai stopped walking and just started at the boy.

Naruto whirled and saw Sai. He stood there for a moment and stared then scowled.

"What are you staring at?!" he shouted angrily.

Sai smiled nervously.

"Oh nothing...."

"Just the crazy guy screaming to himself" Sai whispered below his breath
"Well cut it out." Naruto snapped.

He turned and kicked the wall angrily. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid....
"Hey hey hey~" Sai rushed over to the guy grabbing him by the shoulder.

"relax guy, whats got you in such an angry mood"
Naruto stiffened and then jerked hsi shoulders.

"Nothing! Never mind! Now if you excuse me, I have to go find a tree to sleep in."
Sai frowned and brought his hand back to his side.

"Why whats up? Get kicked out by your roomate?"

"No." Naruto said in an annoyed tone.

"I left of my own free will."
Sai smirked a bit, bending his head so it wouldn't be noticeable.

"Oh and why did you decide to leave?"
Naruto mumbled under his breath, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Just...got into a fight that's all."

Sasuke had almost...looked sorry at the end there. But that hd to be Naruto's imagination. Sasuke was never sorry. About anything.

"Well a fight is no reason to not go back to your dorm. The longer you wait to apologize the harder it'll be to apologize in the end" Sai smiled.

"I have nothing to apologize for." Naruto snapped, blue eyes flashing.

"Your acting like your pms'ing" Sai laughed to himself.

"well lets see, does that mean your roomate is at fault. Maybe he wants to apologize"

"Pfft." Naruto crossed his arms. "Sasuke never apologized for anything in his life!"

Besdies...it'd be too wierd. Maybe Naruto needed to move. That was probably it. He would move to a different room. Get a girlfriend. That would stop the dreams.
Sai's eyes opened wide.

Naruto jumped.


"wow....I wonder if their alot alike. Then I can understand why you'd be mad.Did he try to have sex with you?" Sai inquired
Naruto's face went white and his eyes went huge.

Then his face went red and he began to sputter and babble, waving his arms around. "WHAT! NO! IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!"

"Okay, thats a relief." Sai thought for a moment.

"Did he get high and go all trippy on you like 'wanna do a shotgun'?"

"Sasuke doesn't do drugs!" Naruto exclaimed. "He's straight laced as they come."

Naruto shifted. "...Have you talked to anyone? Kankuro maybe? I TOLD HIM NOT TO SAY ANYTHING!"
Sai blinked,

"Kankuro...is? What are you hiding Pms-kun?"

"My names Uzumaki Naruto!" the boy snapped. "And I'm not hiding anything."

The blonde was a horrible liar.

"Uzumaki...is your last name ...so Naruto-kun." Sai smiled proudly.

"Well obviously theres a reason you decided not to sleep with your roommate, but you say there isn't... so your lying!"

Naruto blanched and he pointed. "WHO SAID I WANTED TO SLEEP WITH HIM?"

"Sorry my wording was bad...'Sleep in the same room as your roomate' Don't get panties in a twist" Sai laughed to himself...he had a habit of doing that.

"I don't wear panties." Naruto grunted.

"Its an expression...I think...either way, Calm down and analyze the situation."

"I doubt this fight is worth sleeping outside, and you'll probably get in trouble if your found"

"...It...its hard to explain." Naruto stated, starting to calm down a bit.

"Well, I don't want to pry (yes I do) but I think you shouldn't let little feuds keep you from a good night sleep"

"...It's not that easy." Naruto sighed and sat on the ground, back to the wall. "...Hey, um....you uh, straight or gay?

"Neither" Sai smiled, kneeling down in front of Naruto.

"...Bi?" Naruto hazarded.

"I dunno. I'm not interesting in dating right now. Not like its going to go anywhere." Sai said as he rubbed his arm with hand.

"Well that doesn't help me." Naruto growled.

"Why?" Sai said nervously.

"Do you want to date me or something"

"no!" Naruto shook his head. "I just...want to know...how you know if you're gay or...straight or stuff."

Sai thought for a moment.
"Well~ When a man loves a women very much they want to have sex...well no....Men want sex alot...and...they want to ...no that doesn't work."

Sai mumbeled to himself for a moment before continueing..

"When you'r straight you like boobs, when your gay you like penis'"

"What if you're not sure." Naruto looked at the other boy.

"Then, you should experiment" Sai laughed a bit before controlling himself.

"I think everyone should be bi just because liking another isn't a bad thing...regardless of gender...yet people take it badly, an insult, and then ridicule the person for having feelings beyong their control." Sai face turned icy.

"So ya, If you have feelings for someone don't just dismiss them because its not socially accepted, you might be really happy."

"..." Naruto thought on this. "...I..." The boy shifted. "Look, I keep having these dreams, right? And...Um...like, its' kinda freaking me out. I dont' know why but whenever I'm....around him I can't help but think of them and I dunno what to do about it."

"dreams really mean nothing. JUst you thinking about stuff. Just cause you have a dream about doing the nasty with someone doesn't absolutely mean your gay." Sai patted his head.

"Don't worry, if you feel you need to explore it go ahead. But I wouldn't be too worried.

"....So I should just tell him?" Naruto asked.

"If you want,You don't have to do anything."

"I have to do something. The dream keeps happening and it's driving me insane."

"Then ya, If hes your friend then he shouldn't ridicule you...besides, this school is pretty ...not straight as it is...."

"Yeah..." Naruto finally stood. "Uh...thanks. Who are you?"

"Sai Aomori. Sai's my first name, I put my last name last...right,..I think..."

"Nice to meet ya." Naruto grinned and held out his hand.

*Nice to meet you" Sai shook his hand back

"Thanks for the advice. Guess I'll see you around?"

"For sure!"

Sai waved excitedly at his new friend?
Naruto grinned even more broadly.

"Great! bye!"
Sai stood there as Naruto walked away, forgetting entirely where he was going and decided to go for a walk...

He was then givin a detention for being out after cerfew :D
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