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24 July 2006 @ 07:52 pm
[closed log]Kan, Naruto. Gym to restaurant.  
Who: Kankuro and Naruto
When: Friday evening, I think...
Where: Gym-Restaurant
Summary: Kankuro and Naruto learn they might be able to be friends.
Warnings: Uchiha bashing. >:)

Kankuro's feet slammed into the ground around the gym. He had to blow off some steam. He had the images in his mind of Itachi trying to force himself onto Tenten...but he tried to shove them to the back of his mind. They only upset him and he didn't have a personal reason to beat the hell out of Itachi so he couldn't do it. Tenten didn't want people to know. The jogging relaxed him greatly, and he eventually just got into the movements. He had to keep in mind to do this again should he need to blow off steam.

Naruto was outside the gym as well, bouncing a basketball as he walked. That dream last night...and he'd woken up with a bit of a chubby. But he didn't like Sasuke in that way - hell he just didn't plain like Sasuke! And anyway it would never happened even if Sasuke was drunk because he got eve more broody and "I-need-a-major-ass-kicking" emo. Naruto was saying this all aloud in an almost frantic tone. He liked girls dammit!

"..." Kankuro's head turned. Holy crap, that loud Uzumaki kid. He was shouting, loudly and annoyingly like a brat. He was not imprsesed. He paused his steps wh en he passed Naruto. "...You're awfully loud." He said this as he passed. He wanted the kid to shut up, he just was trying to stay calm and he didn't need Uzumaki noise in the background.

Naruto twitched and turned. He was tired, pissed off and confused. Basketball in his hands, Naruto scowled at the other boy. "Yeah, well just suck it." he snapped.

Kankuro paused. He had heard Naruto's ranting, so it was easy to instigate something out of him. And...obviously, that was quite his goal. "...Uzumaki, I thought you were straight!"

The boy's face turned bright red. "I AM!" He shouted. He'd had a crush on Sakura for god knows how long..."I LIKE GIRLS! IT WAS JUST A WEIRD FLUKE! THAT'S ALL!"

Kankuro turned and jogged back to Naruto. "...The hell are you talkin' about anyway Uzumaki?" he taunted. He didnt' hear anything about the dream just Naruto going on and on about how he was straight and liked girls.

Naruto flushed violently. "It was just a dream..." he said a tad weakly.

"...They say dreams can tell you what you think and want the most, ya know?" Kankuro laughed a bit, tapping Naruto on the back laughing.

"Shut up!" Naruto turned to him with a dark look. "I'm straight, okay! I...I don't think about things like taht! Especially NOT about him!!!"

"...Who?" Kankuro asked, smirking and tilting his head to the side. "...Sasuke? You said his name earli--" and he broke into a fit of hysterics.

Naruto stared and then launched at the other boy, dropping his basketball in favor of grabbing Kankuro's shirt. "SHUT UP!" he seethed. "IT'S NOT FUNNY YOU DICKHEAD!"

Kankuro laughed when Naruto grabbed his shirt. It was amusing to see the younger male attempt that. Instead, he moved and grabbed the collar of Naruto's. "Nice try, Uzumaki. Size does matter."

Naruto made a face. "And what's that supposed to mean?" he growled, blue eyes flashing.

"The fact that I'm bigger than you has an advantage," Kankuro laughed at Naruto's attempt. It was almost...cute.

"..." Naruto dropped his hands. "Whatever." He looked around. Where was his basketball?

Kankuro sighed, releasing Naruto as well. He smirked a bit as he looked at the other male. They were going to be on the same team. He should try and make sure they get along a little. "So you had a dream about Uchiha? That's funny as shit. At least it wasn't his big brother. It might have been real in that case."

"Itachi? No way in hell." Naruto snorted then blinked. "What do you mean it might have been real then?"

Kankuro shook his head. "Rumors about Itachi causin' trouble is all." Kankuro mused the words lightly. He had to keep it light. Not supposed to talk about it.

Naruto blinked again. "Uh....okay." He bent over and picked up his basketball. "Itachi's a jackass anyway. Worse than Sasuke."

"No kidding," Kankuro said with a suddenly unamused tone. He rolled his eyes. "...Practicing?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow at the basketball.

"Yeah...just trying to blow of steam or somethin'." Naruto siad idly. "It's been real boring lately."

"...Tsh, that's what the park is for, dumbass," Kankuro said with a shrug. Though he didn't think Naruto would have good enough aim to constantly hit the geese with rocks.

"Huh?" Naruto stared. "What's at the park?"

"Geese and rocks," Kankuro said with a smirk. "....Idiot." He rolled his eyes none-to-subtly. Even Naruto would pick it up!

"Oh!" Naruto noded. "Yeah, I've done that. But I figured practicing at the same time would...be more efficient."

"Idiot." Kankuro laughed a bit loudly. "And loud. You're one of those annoying kids!" Kankuro announced it to him. "...Course, practicing will make you better, since you're short like my brother and height can't be an advantage."

"HEY!" Naruto twitched. "....Oh right, that freaky Gaara kid is your brother. I forgot."

Freaky was very right. "YEAH!" he shouted back as loudly as Naruto had protested. "IDIOT!" he added equally loudly.

Naruto glared. "You didn't have to yell at me! I'm standing right here!"

"As if you of all people have room to talk Mister I announce dreams that arouse me to the rest of the world!" Kankuro rose his eyebrows and then burst into laughter again.

"Shut up!" Naruto hissed and then looked around frantically to make sure there was no one with in hearing range.

"Aha! See! That was the dream you had. My GOD, you dreamt about him!" Another roll of laughter. It was too funny. "...Are ya sure you're straight?!"

"Yes!" Naruto said in exasperation. "He didn't even act like himself in the dream...I mean...well, he was still a jerk and held me down and crap but I mean..." he pointed. "STOP!"

Kankuro laughed. Oh man, this was too funny. He just couldn't stop laughing. "Oh man, you are a fucking hilarity!" Kankuro said.

"SHUT UP!" Naruto shouted loudly, practically hopping mad.

"I don't think so." Kankuro moved to start walking hands in pockets. "You're an idiot! AND you're digging yourself a grave!"

"...." Naruto followed. "You're...you're not going to tell anyone, are you!?"

"...What makes you think I'm someone to trust?" Kankuro raised an eyebrow and smirked. He wouldn't tell, but he would make Naruto believe he would.

Oh...fuck. Fuckitty fuck fuck fuck. "Look, you can't tell anyone, okay?!" Naruto said with a frantic note. "I mean it!"

"...Whatever, shorty," Kankuro smirked a bit, grinning to Naruto. "Haha, you can trust me, idiot." He slapped him on the back, hard.

"Really?" Naruto looked cautious.

"Whatever, as teammates we'll say, right?" Kankuro grinned.

Naruto instantly brightened. "Yeah! As teammates!" He grinned broadly.

He was an idiot, but what the hell. It couldn't hurt anything and he was good at the secret thing. He just nodded and smirked. "...Whatever works for ya!"

"Cool! I like you." Naruto grinned broadly.

"You're annoying and loud, but...you're funny, I like ya!" Kankuro said, his tone was clearly amused.

"You know what? We should get some ramen together some time." Naruto nodded.

Kankuro, being that he liked to eat anything, but knew about Naruto's obsession with ramen (didn't everyone?) thought that could be enjoyable. Well, mostly hilarious. "...Ramen it is."

"Cool." Naruto looked around. "Doing anything right now?"

"Other than makin' fun of you, no," Kankuro laughed. So they were gonna go get ramen and hang out now? That could be f un. Loud. VERY loud, but fun.

"Well then lets go!" Naruto said excitedly. "There's a place near campus that's good."

"Uh-hun," Kankuro shugged indifferently and walked forward. Whatever the hell made the loud kid get quiet while he was stuffing his face. "...Show the way."

"Great." Naruto began bouncing his basketball. "So. You're on the basketball team. And you have Gaara for a brother. Anything else to know about you?"

"U...h, like?" Kankuro shrugged. He wasn't that interesting he found and he liked weird things.

"I dunno. Whaddya like?" Naruto shrugged. "Ya got a girlfriend? What's it like to have a little brother. Anything really."

"...Art and soccer." Easy question for him to answer. A girlfriend, oh boy how he wished sometimes, but the rest of the time. "Aha. Little brother?" he asked. "I don't know how to answer those q uestions. So...no girlfriend. It isn't just a little brother, it's Gaara."

"Soccer's cool. I like basketball. So what's with the art; you an artist or do you just like to look at it?" Naruto said. "I don't have a girlfriend either....yet. And uh...yeah. Good point about the little brother thing."

Kankuro thought. "I sculpt," he answered, grinning. Art was one of those easy things for him to talk about. It always was easy. "...Ahaha. Gaara and I never talk but I guess being a big brother is fun."

"Oh, like statues and stuff?" Naruto looked...somewhat intereested. "How come you never talk?"

"Yeah," Kankuro shrugged. "I talk. But why bother when you can do all of it, hmmm?"

"...." Naruto had to think about this. "I dunno." he finally said.

"That's mah point," Kankuro laughed very loudly at that. "You talk so damn much. Ever thought about like...enjoyin' quiet. That's what artists do."

"I don't like quiet." Naruto said stubbornly. "Everyone, everywhere always tells me to be quiet. All the time. I hate it."

"Ya know, maybe there's a reason people tell you to shut the hell up?" Kankuro said with a smirk.

"Yeah, cause they want to ignore me." Naruto grumbled.

"...Or they like...maybe wanna talk and say somethin' to ya?" Kankuro asked, tilting his head to the side as he looked to Naruto.

"..." Naruto thought. "No...not really." he said honestly.

"How would you know?" Kankuro asked, shrugging again, hands in pockets.

"...Because people mostly tell me to shut up and then when I do, they ignore me." Naruto paused. "Well...not all of them."

Kankuro shrugged. "See, not everyone! You're an idiot!" He pat Naruto's back.

"Welll, you didn't do it. And Sakura doesn't...sometimes." He paused. "It's mostly the adults."

"Maybe they like...want quiet," Kankuro suggested and shrugged. It sounded just as logical in his mind.

"All the time?" Naruto looked confused. "I mean...how much quiet do people need?"

"Quiet is nice," Kankuro noted. "Allows people to hear themselves think." And he figured there was pleanty of thinking Naruto needed to do. The boy clearly did a lot of things without taking much thought in it. Usually with bad, sometimes good results.

"Drives me crazy." Naruto muttered.

"...Maybe you should try it."

"I did when I was little. Don't work too well." Naruto stated.

"Apparenlty not enough cause it didn't work. Still don't think too much before ya act, idiot,"Kankuro nudged him. At this point, he was just teasing.

"Hey, you aren't allowed to call me that yet." Naruto grinned slightly.

"I've been calling you an idiot the entire time," Kankuro mused with a light tone in his own voice.

"I know. I'm just sayin...."

"...What?" Kankuro asked with a grin. This was too funny anyway.

"Huh?" Naruto blinked. "Hey, no more idiot until after you know me a little better."

"Aha," Kankuro laughed. "But I can alraedy tell you're a moron."

"Hey!" Naruto exclaimed. "tHat's kinda mean to say of someone you barely know!"

"Not like it is somethin' you're trying to hide, kinda like your obvius feelings for Uchiha," Kankuro sneered. He couldn't help himself.


"Cute, Uzumaki, real cute, and charming, you're gonna win girls over with that loud mouth of yours, and I'm sure the entirety of Konoha heard that so now everyone knows you don't have feelings for Sasuke." H e laughed again. Naruto was so easy to upset.

"Shut up! God..." Naruto looked around wildly.

"...I'm not going to shut up, you asked why I dont' talk and now I'm talking." A little bit of payback.

"I was asking why you didn't talk to your brother!" Naruto said in exasperation

"...Cause he doesn't talk," Kankuro said with a shrug. T hat was an easier question.

"So you don't talk? Maybe you should, you know...try to bring up something he likes."

Kankuro didn't know what Gaara li ked. "Er, yeah."

Naruto stared at him. "...You don't know what he likes don't you?"

An uncomfortable shift. "I've never talked to him to be quite honest."

"How the hell did you manage that?" The blonde stared.

"Uh," Kankuro shrugged. "Just never did?"

"But...he's your brother!" Naruto stared, blinking. "What...how did you do that?"

"Kinda only brothers really by blood, our conversations are more like, hellos and thats it." He and Gaara were kind of strangers in Kankuro's mind. How to explain this to a stranger. Dad abused them and kept them seperate? Maybe he should tame it down. "...We went to different schools."

"Yeah, but still...dind't you guys spend time together when you were home? What about stuff like...family things? Bithdays, holidays, reunions."

"...What?" Kankuro asked staring. Holidays? Birthdays? Reunions? ...Um. Those things were just things attached to dates to him.

"..." Naruto stopped. "No one celebrated your birthday either?"

"...Why should they?" Kankuro asked, peering at Naruto curiousity. They were just...numbers.

"Well...cause...they're supposed to. I mean...it's the day you were born. It's special." Naruto blinked.

"...Uh-hun?" Kankuro said shrugging. He didn't believe that. He paused in his steps thinking. "...We didn't," he shrugged a bit. Gaara's birth was kind of seen as bad tidings on his family for awhile.

"Oh." Naruto thought this over. "Well...hey, we have something in common then! Sort of. I don't have any siblings. I think."

"Cool," Kankuro said, sm iling a bit as he looked to Naruto. "...consider yourself lucky almost. I like mine but they're annoying a lot."

"Meh. Maybe I would be quieter if I had had them."

Kankuro laughed. "...Temari's not."

Naruto grinned slightly. "Ah, so she's the loud one. Maybe its a blonde thing."

"...Probably," Kankuro said quiet and with a slight huff in his voice.

Naruto laughed aloud. "Sure you wanna keep hanging around me?"

"I dont' care," Kankuro said with a shrug. He needed friends and people to get along with, and Naruto was easy to get along with.

"Okay, if you're sure. I'd hate to have to pounce you and make you admit...." Naruto trailed off and suddenly when bright red. "Uh...never mind."

"...What?" a blank look. What the hell...was Naruto threatening to pounce him? This kid ws some kind of idiot.

"Nothing! Sorry! Just..ignore that...Oh look! The ramen place!" Naruto started to walk a little faster

"...Uh-huh," Kankuro's pace quickened with Naruto's. An advantage of having a long stride was that he could catch up to Naruto.

Naruto grinned, tucking his ball under his arm as he opened the door to the little shop. "They have really good ramen here."

"I trust you on ramen," Kankuro said. He had it in his mind that Naruto probably knew every Ramen shop in Japan.

"Great!" Naruto went to the counter and sat down, greeting the girl there cheerily.

Kankuro moved to sit down next to Naruto. He quirked an eyebrow and remained quiet. He was talkative with Tenten, very talkataive. He think he just needed to develop a level of comfort before Naruto could get half of that.

Naruto ordered himself miso ramen and then the girl looked to Kankuro. Once she had taken his order, she excused herself and went to the kitchen.

Kankuro didn't order anything spectacular, since he wasn't someone who jsut ate ramen regularly. He shrugged and smiled a bit.

Naruto sighed. "So. No girlfriend?"

"Er, no," Kakuro frowned a bit at that.

"That because you don't have the right girl..." Naruto paused. "Or you don't have the right guy?"

"I'm not particular, I just don't care about that sort of thing," Kankuro shrugged. Well he did. A little.

"Oh." Naruto paused. "So you don't like sex or whatever?"

"No, it isn't a matter of liking in my case, it is a matter of caring," Kankuro said with a shrug.

Naruto seemed to consider this. "You're kinda anitsocial, aren't you?"

"...A bit," Kankuro said with a shrug. "It takes a lot to break me in or something I guess." Tenten had an easy time.

"I've had this crush on this girl...since like, the fourth grade." Naruto grinned a little. "Still haven't gotten her to go out with me though."

Kankuro could relate to that except his relationship with Tenten was much shoter...or how long he had known her. "Yeah, I can get that a bit I think."

Naruto glanced at him. "Really?"

Kankuro laughed lightly. "Well yeah, duh."

Naruto shruggeda nd then looked up as their Ramen was brought. He grinned broadly, digging in immediately. "Well, then do you like a girl?"

"Yeah," Kankuro grinned at the thought and sighed happily. He didnt' dig in immediately because he wanted to answer the question and nto eat with his mouth full.

"Cool. Who is she?" Naruto asked, mouth full.

Kankuro shook his head. "Nah, don't think I know you well enough." He smirked.

"Aw....come on." Naruto nudged him. "Just a clue. What if it's a friend of mine? Then I gotta make sure you're good enough for her."

"...I dont' think she's a friend of yours," Kankuro said with a shrug. He grinned. He didn't recall them hardly knowing each other.

"Okay then." Naruto said. His attention was taken by the ramen at the moment, although he paused to say, "You know, you're cool."

Kankuro laughed, "You're not so bad. Loud, but...tolerable. Not a bratty kid."

Naruto grinned. "I'll take that as a compliment."

It was basically as complimentary as Kankuro got, and damn right it was complimentary towards Naruto, but that was when he forgot about it all and started eating the ramen placed in front of him.

"So. Kankuro." Naruto stated, his ramen quickly finished. "We should hang out more often."

Kankuro worked on stuffing his face with ramen, and once some was gone he smiled and nodded. "Yeah, we can. You're an alright guy."

"Thanks." Naruto stretched and pushed away his bowl. "You're better tahn Sasuke."

Kankuro quirked an e yebrow unsure of how to take that, but he laughed. "Uchihas suck."

"Hear, hear!" Naruto said with a pump of his fist. Then he laughed.

Kankuro laughed a bit. Naruto was a good kid. He enjoyed his company. He could actually see him being a friend. "Good you agree."

"Well, that is an important thing." Naruto agreed, pulling some wadded up bills out of his pocket.

Kankuro shifted and pulled his own money from his pocket to cover his portion. "...I mean, to be like...friends, I guess." He mused lightly.

"Yeah, I know." Naruto grinned at him widely.

Kankuro wasn't used to being friends or becoming friends with someone so quickly. To him, it seemed l ike his friendship with Tenten was a fluke, so he gussed his one with Naruto was, too.

"Meh...now I guessI have to find Sasu-jerk and work on some crap." Naruto groused, slipping off his stool.

"...And I have indepdant projects to busy myself with, so later, Naruto?" Kankuro asked, q uirking an eyebrow.

"See ya." Naruto waved, picking up his basketball

Kankuro waved, turning away to leave after standing up from where he was eating. "Ciao."