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Welcome to Konoha High School. What are the jilts of it? Well, we've taken characters from Masashi Kishimoto's hit series Naruto and threw all the characters into a private high school setting with NO supernatural skills, NO ninja-stars, and NO control over the crack. Instead, this concentrates on just how messed up our favorite characters would be if they had to live (without the crack… most of the time ^_^;;) the lives many of us manage every day.

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1. Be nice to each other. We are all here to have fun. If you have any criticism or suggestions, they are highly welcomed - but please, voice them out nicely. Settle disagreements nicely over instant messenger.

2. Stay in character. We cannot emphasize this enough - please play according to how the canon character will act. Temari is not going to turn into a sudden emotional, weepy romantic and Shikamaru is not going to be a complete workaholic. You get the point.

3. This is Alternate Universe, not Ninja World. Itachi is not going to hit everyone down with an inexistent Mangekyou Sharingan and Neji can't kill with a sudden blow to another's chest. Play your characters as they would be in real life - they have no ninja skills, they do not jump over trees, and they do not suffer from curse seals.

4. Good spelling and grammar is a must. Nobody here is master of the English language, and the occasional typo is inevitable. Please, however, make sure that your posts are grammatically correct, the words are correctly spelt, and sentence structure is properly used.

5. Lj-cuts are your friend. Written a lovely new post? We will not impose word limits, but if it is an obviously long entry with in-depth musing or lots of action, please put it under a cut.

6. Note your tone. All journal entries are to be written in first person, and all entries made in the roleplay community are to be made in third person. If you are posting an action thread, please post using the following format:

[include this in your title] [Action Thread] Characters involved / All. Venue.
[in the body] Characters involved / All
Character post:
If you are posting a messenger log, please remove all screennames. Do not color-code the different character's posts. Please post using the following format:

[include this in your title] [Open/ Closed Log] Character X and CharacterY. Venue.
[in the body] Characters involved:
Short summary:
No first person threads / logs will be allowed in the community.

7. Character journals are required. All players require character journals, with icons of real-life people to represent played character.

8. One only, please. Each player should only take on one character. If there are still posts open, we will open them up to the current players - but we will only accept a person roleplaying two characters who are not very close or related with each other. For example, Sakura and Ino cannot be played by the same person.

9. Be open-minded. This game is yaoi, yuri and het friendly. There will be gnarly stuff at times.

10. Do not godmod. Minor godmodding of uncasted characters will be allowed - however, excessive playing on behalf of another character will not be.

11. PARTICIPATION. PARTICIPAAAATE! We cannot emphasize this more. A thread cannot go anywhere if you do not complete it. A character cannot develop if another one is not present. Even if both do not interact much in canon Naruto, let them talk. It is a good way to develop new, interesting plots and let everyone have fun.

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Real Name: (Your name! But we'll probably end up calling you by your character's name anyway)
AIM sn: (Your AIM sn. We request that you have this, as this is the most common messenger service.)
MSN sn: (Your MSN address)
E-mail: (Your e-mail address)
Character Name: (The full name of the character you're applying for)
Occupation: (Your character's occupation just to make sure you read the list and know what we expect from who you're potentially playing. If they're a student, just list their grade)
Why Do You Want to Play This Character?: (Just what the question suggests ^__^)
Example RP: (A few paragraphs with you playing as the character. Please try to write them into a high school situation. We want to see how you use them in this RP, not how you would play them in another.)

Apply Here!

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Character Profiles
Available Characters
Taken Characters
Contact List

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AIM: Distainful Baka

AIM: Blo0ming C0smo

AIM: carbon happy

Please contact any of us if you have any questions or suggestions.


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